Aug 062011

Content from my post at  Zhoosh:

Well, Pride gets you thinking about various things … giving back to the community … and looking good on the day!

Well, I’ve probably left it a little late for the second part of that, given it’s a week (ish) away now, but the impetus to look good … or be healthier, is still there.

The Goal

So, I’ve decided to try to lose 20kg, and since I’ve been so pathetic at losing weight in the past, I’m using sponsorship, ie the pressure of others, to motivate me more.

You can click through to my sponsorship page at – and I’d appreciate it if you did!

I will be updating the site as I go to keep track of my progress (optimism lives!).

The Cause

The charity I’ve selected to raise money for is the Sussex Beacon.

Please read more about their current appeal on their website, where you will see that it costs £3,000 per day for the running of their medical Inpatient Unit – just one part of the whole organisation! (Even if you help me reach my goal, there will still be £2,500 left to raise on that day alone!!)

As the appeal says, please be a “Beacon Hero” … with annual running costs of £1.1 million, the Beacon needs to raise £150,000 NOW to keep the Inpatient Unit open!

Please, whether you donate through my particular page, or choose to make a regular donation to the Beacon directly, give something!

About the Charity

You can read more about the Sussex Beacon’s various services, including Anxiety Management, Day Services, Inpatient Unit, Mindful Living, Pathways to Change, Positive Choices, Sleep Service and Women & Families Services, on their website.

You can read more about the Breacon’s activities in their newsletters.

Mar 062010

Canada Dry, by Adam Highway

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
Even the framers of that oft-quoted document didn’t really believe what they had written, or at least, not in the way that we today would. So what DOES equality actually mean? Is it a fluid, evolving, abstract thing, whose nature changes over time? Or is it an absolute, an ideal towards which we grope, blindly and optimistically? Are we destined always to live in some Orwellian dystopia, in which all are equal, but some are more equal than others?
Probably not, but it’s a thought!
Do we even want equality? After all, to be equal to is to be the same as something; perhaps we ought to strive rather for parity, or even more prosaically, fairness? Equity rather than equality? Or do we instead accept that equality has come to mean something other than its etymology would suggest, and that this is a commonly agreed and understood meaning? Probably the latter – after all, equality is also the goal between the sexes, though nobody is likely to consider men and women to be the same. (Unless very drunk!)
For my part, I know what I mean by equality. It means a world in which there is no country where it is illegal for my partner and me to share a bed. It means a world in which religious tolerance no longer means sexual intolerance. It means a world in which no person ever has to stop to think whether it is safe, before holding the hand of, or kissing, the person they love. It means a world in which, when Stephen Gately died, Jan Moir’s article, if even written, would have been regarded as, at best, the peddling of prurient and salacious gossip, and at worst as unacceptably insensitive, rude, inappropriate and utterly beyond the pale.
It means, I suppose, a world in which such well-intentioned documents as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the United States’ Bill of Rights, the United Kingdom’s Equality Act and the European Convention on Human Rights are considered outdated.
Equality will finally come when we no longer need anti-discrimination legislation, because the attitudes which they exist to combat have become archaic, and utterly unimaginable.
Equality isn’t being told that you can’t think, say or do something “wrong”. Equality is when nobody would even want to think, say or do that something in the first place.


From – March 2010

Canada Dry March 2010