Sep 202010

Please, do visit this site, and do what you can to support the cause – everyone can hold someone’s hand, and moment by moment, we can move to change the way society sees same sex couples!

A Day In Hand announces 1st anniversary of (Same-sex hand holding) Sshh! Saturdays
Saturday 25th September 2010

“If you want to live in a world where you can hold your partner’s hand in the street….
hold your partner’s hand in the street.”

David Watkins, Founder, A Day In Hand

Same Sex Hand Holding

Live your love

Please celebrate the anniversary with us!

The World. Wherever you are.
Saturday September 25th. Anytime you like.
Hold hands with someone of the same gender. Whoever they may be.
Step outside. Take a picture. Email
Go for a walk. Don’t let go. Live your love. Note your surprise… when nothing happens.
Don’t ignore your survival instincts, but don’t be oppressed by them either.


The site is at:

Oh …. and something that makes me very pleased personally ….

David Miliband

Jun 192010

Once again, up far too late … and though tired, not feeling the need to sleep.

Perhaps I ought to, but … in the last few days/weeks … I’ve been dreaming that my Dad’s death had been reported to us as a mistake (how, I have no idea) and, following apologies, we are reunited with him after months.

While, this would of course be wonderful, I know it’s not true. Why I’m imagining this, I have no idea.

It is truly upsetting me …..

Jun 012010

Have had so very much to say, that I’ve not been able to select anything in particular to expound upon. So, I haven’t.

A no-particular-order list of things that have been on my mind:

  • David Laws is an utter tit head – you might want to keep your private life private, but that’s not the way to do it – especially since you have no NEED for the money, you should just have claimed nothing, and no-one would have looked into it! Tit!
  • CameronClegg – ugh, it’s sickening, and smug, and I’m still afraid of what it will mean.
  • Labour Leadership – well, I support David Miliband for the leadership, but hope the contest WILL be open and lead to a reinvigoration of the party root and branch.
  • Health – I’m still struggling with getting my asthma under control, but am hopeful that the latest addition to the medication panoply will make a difference. Fingers very much crossed!
  • Life direction – we have possibly reached a decision which will give both of us new direction, but any more than that will have to wait ….
Feb 262010

Well, ok, it’s not ACTUALLY our birthday, but I just noticed that it was a this month last year that we first put our site online, and became adamandwouter rather than Adam and Wouter; an eventful year in many ways, and one which flew by in others. Strange and sad occurrences, and some good things too. I know this sort of retrospective is more common either at new year or on an actual birthday, but sod it, it’s my website! :p

Jan 222010

Apparently, it’s the crack of the kitty world! Seriously, little Darcy, on the coffee table, face buried in the margarine tub as though it were going out of fashion! I should probably have stopped him sooner, but there was something truly, outrageously, hilarious about his single-minded determination to get as much partially hydrogenated vegetable fat down his throat as possible. Titter.

Jan 012010

Well, we’re up and awake, sort of … been for a lovely walk in the beautiful sun, nice and cool and crisp, quick trip to Starbucks and a grande coffee later, I’m approaching humanity. Had a great night at the Grosvenor seeing in the new year surrounded by lesbians, LOL! Possibly indulged too much ….ok, DEFINITELY indulged too much! Feeling rather the worse for wear, but still looking forward to Doctor Who tonight. It’ll be sad to see Tennant leave, but I’m excited for what’s to come!

So, happy new year and welcome to the new decade!

Dec 302009

We “adopted” Darcy on 6 December 2009, when he was 10 weeks old, since when he has come to rule our home, and our lives, as a (mostly) benevolent dictator! Now a year and a quarter old, he still has his kitten like curiosity and playfulness, as well as mischievous naughtiness of course!

Baby Darcy