Jan 222010

Apparently, it’s the crack of the kitty world! Seriously, little Darcy, on the coffee table, face buried in the margarine tub as though it were going out of fashion! I should probably have stopped him sooner, but there was something truly, outrageously, hilarious about his single-minded determination to get as much partially hydrogenated vegetable fat down his throat as possible. Titter.

Jan 012010

Well, we’re up and awake, sort of … been for a lovely walk in the beautiful sun, nice and cool and crisp, quick trip to Starbucks and a grande coffee later, I’m approaching humanity. Had a great night at the Grosvenor seeing in the new year surrounded by lesbians, LOL! Possibly indulged too much ….ok, DEFINITELY indulged too much! Feeling rather the worse for wear, but still looking forward to Doctor Who tonight. It’ll be sad to see Tennant leave, but I’m excited for what’s to come!

So, happy new year and welcome to the new decade!

Dec 302009

We “adopted” Darcy on 6 December 2009, when he was 10 weeks old, since when he has come to rule our home, and our lives, as a (mostly) benevolent dictator! Now a year and a quarter old, he still has his kitten like curiosity and playfulness, as well as mischievous naughtiness of course!

Baby Darcy