Sep 202010

Please, do visit this site, and do what you can to support the cause – everyone can hold someone’s hand, and moment by moment, we can move to change the way society sees same sex couples!

A Day In Hand announces 1st anniversary of (Same-sex hand holding) Sshh! Saturdays
Saturday 25th September 2010

“If you want to live in a world where you can hold your partner’s hand in the street….
hold your partner’s hand in the street.”

David Watkins, Founder, A Day In Hand

Same Sex Hand Holding

Live your love

Please celebrate the anniversary with us!

The World. Wherever you are.
Saturday September 25th. Anytime you like.
Hold hands with someone of the same gender. Whoever they may be.
Step outside. Take a picture. Email
Go for a walk. Don’t let go. Live your love. Note your surprise… when nothing happens.
Don’t ignore your survival instincts, but don’t be oppressed by them either.


The site is at:

Oh …. and something that makes me very pleased personally ….

David Miliband

Jun 012010

Have had so very much to say, that I’ve not been able to select anything in particular to expound upon. So, I haven’t.

A no-particular-order list of things that have been on my mind:

  • David Laws is an utter tit head – you might want to keep your private life private, but that’s not the way to do it – especially since you have no NEED for the money, you should just have claimed nothing, and no-one would have looked into it! Tit!
  • CameronClegg – ugh, it’s sickening, and smug, and I’m still afraid of what it will mean.
  • Labour Leadership – well, I support David Miliband for the leadership, but hope the contest WILL be open and lead to a reinvigoration of the party root and branch.
  • Health – I’m still struggling with getting my asthma under control, but am hopeful that the latest addition to the medication panoply will make a difference. Fingers very much crossed!
  • Life direction – we have possibly reached a decision which will give both of us new direction, but any more than that will have to wait ….
May 162010

Hmmm …. was somewhat relieved in the aftermath of the election, and the cobbled together coalition, that there was no sign of Chris Grayling MP or Phillipa Stroud in the cabinet. Perhaps the Lib Dems really were exerting a moderating influence on the “same old nasty party”.

Not, apparently, so. Without fanfare, announcement or acknowledgement of what utter shits the two of them are, he is appointed a Minister of State and she becomes a “special advisor”, both reporting to Iain Duncan Smith.

These sickening homophobes don’t deserve even to be heard by government, let alone to be active at its heart. Please, visit my petition to remove them and sign it!

May 052010

Best of luck to all … though primarily Labour of course! If any of my Conservative leaning friends/readers would care to sign up for my alarm call service, I’ll be happy to wake you in plenty of time tomorrow for the polls. Really. No, seriously … ;-)

Apr 302010

I’m currently watching David Cameron on TV … I’m not likely to agree with him about anything, that’s a given … but I REALLY disagree with him making a hustings speech like this in a school. I actually would disagree with any politician doing so … I agree that we need to involve “kids” in politics, but it just strikes me as wrong on some level to go preaching to schools. I can’t necessarily say why … it’s an instinctive reaction!

ANYWAY … back to the debate … I find it strange that the media have decided that Cameron won, closely followed by Clegg … were they watching the same debate? Brown was strong, assured, passionate and self-assured. I think he won … trying to put party affiliation to one side!

Apr 282010

I’m getting somewhat disillusioned by the election campaign. Not in the way that many have been, but … people seem not to care about the things that I do … I know that’s acceptable, I’m not THAT megalomaniacal but I can’t seem to connect with some people … people are excited for change without knowing why, or what they want to change … the positives I want to express about the last 13 years are ignored … people seem convinced that we vote in a presidential system for the PM and aren’t willing to listen to anything else … and now Gordon Brown makes a gaffe and it’s a worldwide news item? Sigh ….

Apr 092010

Yes, I’m worried about the outcome – cards on the table time, I’m staunchly pro-Labour, and think Gordon Brown has been treated despicably by the media at large. I’m not blind to the problems that have occurred, and I’m certainly not going to attempt to justify the Iraq Invasion as some sort of legal war – however, major cock up though that may have been, it’s one glitch. Overall, both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have led a government whose focus has always been fairness, improving the lot of everyone and – crucially from my point of view – a serious commitment to LGBT / gay rights.

Let’s take a moment to look at what that has involved:

Since Labour became Government, it has:

  • achieved an equal age of consent;
  • ended the ban on LGBT people serving in our armed forces;
  • ended discrimination against Lesbian & Gay partners for immigration purposes;
  • given LGBT individuals and couples the right to adopt children;
  • scrapped the homophobic Section 28 (Clause 2a in Scotland);
  • become a signatory of the Treaty of Amsterdam, which gave the EU powers to end discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation;
  • banned discrimination in the workplace and in vocational training with the introduction of the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations;
  • created the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) which gives LGBT people statutory body protection;
  • included homophobia in the definition of hate crimes;
  • increased sentencing for homophobic hate crimes;
  • removed outdated offences such as gross indecency and buggery;
  • produced and implemented the Gender Recognition Act, allowing Trans people to have their true gender recognised in law;
  • created the Civil Partnerships, allowing LGB people to have their loving relationships recognised by law and have most of the same benefits as married couples;
  • outlawed discrimination in good and services (with no exceptions);
  • launched a campaign in the UN for the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality focusing on the nine countries where it is still punishable by death;
  • awarded statutory rights for fertility treatment for Lesbians on the NHS.

A quick visit to mygayvote will show the difference between the Tories’ voting record and that of the Lib Dems and Labour. How any person in the LGBT community could vote for the Tories remains an utter mystery to me – a veneer of presentability, Cameron’s chameleonic adapting of whatever “position” or “belief” seems best to increase his chances of attaining power, and the great swathes of dark, evil, bigoted, hate filled, selfish and closed-minded members of the same old nasty party … is there no gratitude for what has been done by this Government? No recognition that in some cases past performance MAY be an indicator of future performance in this case? The Tories, the party of discrimination, of special interests, of greed-is-good politics, versus the Labour party which has consistently championed and supported us.

So, please vote – and as a preference, please vote LABOUR!

(With thanks to Trevor Love)