Jul 042011

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    if you looked clsoely at the catholic social teachings in the cathicism you would sea everything we teach is of love. marrage is the onyl place for sexual relations. we are called to lived chase lives and only be with the one we truly love for who they are not a physical being. on the issue of homosexuals the catholic church does not hate or banish such people, but they simple do not aprove of the life style. someone who is “gay” by choice or bye nature if you beleave eather may be called to something higher. you dont not need to serve God by being with someone else. the catholic church may be old fashoned. but what is wrong with tradition. you still celibrate some holliday dont you? concerning preasts and other church leaders who supposedly dont know what they are talking about have you ever thought that being selibut may allow you to see things with diffent eyes or maybe its the wisdome with age.