Jul 042011

Because knowing complicity in an act, so far as I am concerned, makes a person equally responsible for that act, then I have decided that, from this point forward, as far as I am concerned, every single catholic ON THIS PLANET, is a child rapist and a paedophile. They have had every single chance to correct the mistakes and instead have taken every single chance to cover up and/or pretend those evil fucking crimes didn’t happen.

Therefore, until something drastic changes, I will happily contend that:

every single, solitary, individual catholic person on this planet is a PAEDOPHILE, a CHILD ABUSER  and a RAPIST.

Until there’s a significant shift, a change from the apologia of the past, then fuck them all, they are all guilty. If you can accept, for example, the Pope, as any kind of moral leader, and believe what he says, then you are all guilty.

If one catholic priest committed these obscene, evil, offences, then until catholicism as a whole rejects it PROPERLY (which is to say, as a crime against the victims and NOT a sin against “god”) then – again – every single, solitary, fucking catholic on this planet is a paedophile, a child abuser, a child rapist, and a fucking cunt.

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        Forgiveness is Over RatedIf you’ve spent any time reading/listening to pyocholsgy, self-help books or gurus, you’ll probably have heard it mentioned. According to these books, if we don’t forgive, we eventually turn into balls of rage and seething anger, trapped in a life of inner turmoil and destined to self-implode in a spiral of selfishness and stubborn self-destruction.I Don’t Do Forgiveness. Well, I do do forgiveness, but only for the right people. The people who take responsibility for their actions, the people who will take action to make amends, even if it means facing some tough stuff within themselves. Even then, there is a ‘forgiveness line’. Once someone crosses that, there’s no going back. Abusive behavior crosses this line. This behavior is not acceptable to me and that’s why I don’t buy the ‘forgiveness for all’ approach. There are some people I just don’t want to forgive.What Forgiveness Is Forgiveness only comes when people have shown that they recognized their actions were wrong and have taken steps to make amends.Sometimes, Forgiveness Is Dangerous. Why? Because it’s a way of letting ourselves pretend that things weren’t really so bad, that we didn’t really feel that hurt, or that scared or that angry. Here’s the thing: undeserved forgiveness is not only cruel to you, it’s cruel to the perpetrator as well. By forgiving, we are condoning their actions, saying it’s OK for them to behave that way. If we don’t forgive, if we raise our standards and expect more in retribution; that affects their standards too.The Bottom Line: Forgiveness has to be earned and it’s totally OK not to forgive someone. There is no ‘should’ – you can choose to forgive or not, whoever is concerned. There is such a thing as unforgivable. Pretending there isn’t is doing ourselves a disservice.A Few Words From My Pit Of Seething Self-Destruction…In some ways, I’ve achieved what those self-help writers are talking about – I’ve let go of the bad stuff and I feel good about that. It’s just that instead of forgiving, I chose not to forgive. I’ve moved on with my life, they’ve moved on with theirs… we’re just not doing it together. And I’m a stronger person for that.