Feb 112013

So, the Pope is to “resign” – not “retire”, note – the reasons for which are not yet explained. Is it too much to hope for his resignation note, and reasoning, to read along the lines of:

I’m really most awfully sorry that I spent decades as a malingering evil fucking cunt, covering up the systematic rape and torture of defenceless children, accumulating power and vast wealth, lying about condoms and encouraging the spread of a pernicious, cruel, avoidable disease like HIV, subjugating women – forcing them to give up control over the reproductive cycle and thus remain second class citizens, slandering gays and lesbians and treating them as barely human; I realise, suddenly, how evil I have been and what an absolutely horrific waste of life mine has been, and can’t continue in this disgusting manner”?


What about: “sorry”?


Ah well, I’m sure that this can continue the reflection of badness on the church. Yay.

  • Saint Bibiana

    Oh sweety. I do love your posts. So full of venom and spite, but so little substance. I’ve often wondered so please tell me, which denomination was the priest that tore your little arsehole open darling? It really must still really sting if not physically, emotionally. Be sure to take care now and ensure the abused doesn’t become the abuser. pip pip.