May 112012

Roger Ebert on Death: “

Roger Ebert writes about death so poetically. (With no mention of an afterlife because you don’t get one.)

And now my friend’s wife and the newspaperman have both passed away. Early one morning, unable to sleep, I roamed my memories of them. Of an endless series of dinners, and brunches, and poker games, and jokes, and gossip. On and on, year after year. I remember them. They exist in my mind — in countless minds. But in a century the human race will have forgotten them, and me as well. Nobody will be able to say how we sounded when we spoke. If they tell our old jokes, they won’t know whose they were.

That is what death means. We exist in the minds of other people, in thousands of memory clusters, and one by one those clusters fade and disappear. Some years from now, at a funeral with a slide show, only one person will be able to say who we were. Then no one will know.

That may sound depressing to some, but I don’t see it that way at all. Life is all about the memories you create and take part in. With all the events that had to happen perfectly for us to be alive today, it’d be crazy not to make the most of the time we have available. It’s a call for optimism, a call for us to be happy, to do something meaningful with our lives, whatever that might mean. It’s inspiring, really.


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  • Chris Ogilvie

    This reminded me of a tribute given by the wife of a dear friend at his humanist funeral and I post it here in his memory. “Pericles was a statesman and orator who lived two thousand four hundred years ago in Greece. I am a little ambivalent about some things he said but I feel that this is particularly apt for Peter:

    ‘What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into  the lives of others.’

    I am not sure what Pericles would think of being quoted at the funeral of a van salesman two thousand four hundred years after he died. However, Peter was a good salesman but more importantly a good man”.

    Would that the same could be said of us all……..