Sep 202010

Please, do visit this site, and do what you can to support the cause – everyone can hold someone’s hand, and moment by moment, we can move to change the way society sees same sex couples!

A Day In Hand announces 1st anniversary of (Same-sex hand holding) Sshh! Saturdays
Saturday 25th September 2010

“If you want to live in a world where you can hold your partner’s hand in the street….
hold your partner’s hand in the street.”

David Watkins, Founder, A Day In Hand

Same Sex Hand Holding

Live your love

Please celebrate the anniversary with us!

The World. Wherever you are.
Saturday September 25th. Anytime you like.
Hold hands with someone of the same gender. Whoever they may be.
Step outside. Take a picture. Email
Go for a walk. Don’t let go. Live your love. Note your surprise… when nothing happens.
Don’t ignore your survival instincts, but don’t be oppressed by them either.


The site is at:

Oh …. and something that makes me very pleased personally ….

David Miliband