Feb 262010

Well, ok, it’s not ACTUALLY our birthday, but I just noticed that it was a this month last year that we first put our site online, and became adamandwouter rather than Adam and Wouter; an eventful year in many ways, and one which flew by in others. Strange and sad occurrences, and some good things too. I know this sort of retrospective is more common either at new year or on an actual birthday, but sod it, it’s my website! :p

Jan 222010

Apparently, it’s the crack of the kitty world! Seriously, little Darcy, on the coffee table, face buried in the margarine tub as though it were going out of fashion! I should probably have stopped him sooner, but there was something truly, outrageously, hilarious about his single-minded determination to get as much partially hydrogenated vegetable fat down his throat as possible. Titter.

Jan 202010

… a bitch.

So much to organise, it’s not even finalised yet and already we’re getting stressed and tense. Heaven only knows what we’ll be like in four weeks, probably homicidal! And grey-haired. Eeek.

Really like the place we want to take, it’s got a lot more which we want from a flat and is in fact cheaper, so win all round really. Fingers crossed that we don’t kill one another before we get there!