Feb 172010


I understand these … they’re part of everyday usage really, I “grew up”, Internet-wise, using and feeling comfortable with them. Recently, however, some young new upstarts have appeared on the scene, and they seem to be taking over, forcing out the familiar LOL and supplanting the comfortable. I refer, of course, to “FML” and “FTW”.

These arrived without my noticing, which is bad enough; like a fogey, I had to ask what they mean. Worse, however, is that even with an explanation, I still don’t really understand them. I can’t put myself in the position where they would be my response; they simply do not resonate with me in the slightest.

So, I’m now reading “Grumpy Old Men“, “Is it just me, or is everything shit?” and all the rest of that ilk and empathising completely with the authors … I guess it’s time to buy some really comfortable slippers, a nice cardigan and possible even a pipe and embrace the decline into old age!

Feb 042010

Oh dear, I’m so glad I got my latte BEFORE the ruckus kicked off between the love of my life and the ill-equipped barista at Brighton station …. I could see his point, I really and truly could, but he should simply have bowed his head and asked what, if anything, he could do to make things better. I felt sorry for him. But all I did was hide around the corner and sip at my coffee.

Wouter - Persona non grata

Soon to be seen around Brighton